One of the most exciting DJs from the new Ukrainian scene and currently based in Berlin,

ALIS. has really taken off over the last couple of years - appearing at such venues as Tresor Berlin, FUSE Brussels, P.A.L. Hamburg, HÖR Berlin, Bret Amsterdam, RSO Berlin and sharing booth with some of the best and brightest across the world.Her free spirited, high energy sound mixes all different genres from groovy and 90's techno, ghetto tech, hard house, 2000s trance and more. She's very versatile with i


As one of Tel Aviv’s finest techno exports, Biri stands for a trippy, hypnotic and deep sound. From his hometown of Jerusalem to his current base in London, Biri’s career spanning more than 12 years has been a real journey, not only geographically, but also in terms of his musical self-understanding. Starting from the young age of 14, Biri honed his DJing and music productions skills, drawing inspiration from loopy techno and classic Detroit sounds. What followed was the founding of Deep’a and Biri, a successful collaboration between him and his good friend Deep’a that spawned the label Black Crow with releases by notable artists such as Inland and Aril Brikha. The duo also signed a full album for DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records in 2013 with wide acclaim. On his own, Biri has made a name for himself as a resident at Barzilay Crew, one of the biggest techno parties in Tel Aviv, for more than 8 years. With his music appearing on esteemed labels such as Transmat, Black Crow, Counterchange and a recent release on Psyk’s Non Series as well as an upcoming project for Len Faki’s Figure, it is clear that the journey was worth it and that Biri has found his own niche in the scene.


Step into Cirkle's realm, where minimalism collides with kinetic energy to create an electrifying dance floor chemistry.
Embracing both the futuristic and the nostalgic, Cirkle’s vibe is an odyssey that pays homage to old-school roots while driving the crowd into a state of ecstatic motion. As a resident DJ of Athen’s staple Six Dogs for more than 10 years, Cirkle knows how to treat the dancefloor in every situation, characterised by consistency and versatility at the same time. His latest appearances on SK11 & Voltage manifested his standing in the current techno landscape even more as one of the most sophisticated producers of the modern generation.

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Originating from deep in the techno scene, CRYME now plays a unique mix of Hardgroove infused Fast House. Described by his peers as “a master of rhythm who plays CDJ’s like a musical instrument”, his unique “happy techno hits house” vibe is fast paced, infectious and ignites the dance floor.

Producing his own tracks since 2022 he has already produced three EP’S and contributed to the Pornceptual 10th anniversary VA compilation. His music has been played in venues including Berghain, RSO, and Tresor.

This Berlin based artist has played across Germany, Northern Europe, France, Spain, Korea and Japan. He has developed and matured into his own distinct style, mixing the best underground tracks with house heaven and his own uplifting, vocal-infused productions. Expect high energy, fast pace and big smiles when his rhythmic set builds a happy, love filled dance floor.


DJ Hyperdrive’s energetic Groovetrance sets are characterised by a rhythmic, pulsating bassline and crisp hi-hats. A selection including old-school 90’s gems provides smooth synths which he skillfully mixes with work from his peers in the new generation of underground trance producers. The result is a groovy, hypnotic and trippy journey evolving through peaks and valleys that keep the dance floor moving.

DJ Hyperdrive

Oslo based Kameliia has built her reputation on beautiful, hypnotic and atmospheric techno sets. Her music sets the dance floor on a journey using driving beats with rhythmic sub-bass and reverb-soaked percussion.

Kameliia is also a producer with successful releases on the AMTK+, Overbalance and Unterwegs labels that have shown her abilities as a producer of intense, sophisticated techno.


Lukas Meunier is a techno DJ and music producer known for his distinct and unique sound. With a rough and industrial edge, Lukas’ music is often characterized by driving beats, distorted synths and gritty percussion. But while his sound may be tough on the surface, it’s also imbued with a deep emotional resonance that speaks to the heart of the listener.If you’re looking for an Artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and explore the darker side of techno, Lukas Meunier is the perfect choice. With a style that’s both raw and emotive, he’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears his music.During his 11 years of Doing, Lukas played all over the globe in cities like Berlin, Sydney, Mumbai, Bogota, Basel, Zurich, Budapest, Vienna and Paris.

Lukas Meunier

ogtrues delivers a groove-infused sound, combining rolling, hypnotic, melodic and old-school elements into one.

His career has already seen him play across Berlin’s best venues and also in Poland and Amsterdam. A first class producer himself, he has released on a range of underground labels including BCCO.

His sound is organic and well-rounded, his tracks meticulously selected, pulling you in with its seductive rhythms and keeping you locked on the floor with its pounding drive.


Expect a fast paced, rhythmic and pounding set from this Berlin based, vinyl only DJ.

Slin takes old school gems from the 90’s and early 2000’s mixing them with groovy and funky techno from his peers and the current generation.

His transitions are organic and delicate, his selections honest and creative. Slin’s sets are as uplifting as they are raw.


A serious groove dealer fuelled by an insatiable curiosity and a deep reverence for the pioneers of electronic music. Tarkno embodies true techno culture through vinyl-only sets, immersing himself within the rich history and raw energy of the early underground scene.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to honing his craft, Tarkno operates in full effect, employing the use of several turntables as he blends modern cuts with old-school tools. His versatility pays homage to decades of forward-facing machine music, and his skilful manipulation of records constructs a dynamic dance-floor experience.


ÜBERKIKZ is a Russian-born artist living in Wiesbaden, Germany. Her style is inspired by the techno of early 2000s. Old treasures from the golden age of hard groove are combined with current releases. In this way, the 26-year-old artist creates an unique fusion of old and new. Although her sets are infused with unstoppable groove from start to finish, they don't lack sharpness. The kicks bounce and are at the same time hard and driving. Folk and tribal elements are combined with tooly mental groove. A small pinch of spacy elements creates an unique blend of past and future. ÜBERKIKZ aims with her music to let the listeners explore the depths of their emotions and origins. Detached from thoughts and almost controlled by inner drives according to the motto "think less, live more" she invites all listeners on this unforgettable journey. Each of her sets is a very emotional story, arising from the deepest depths of herself and that everyone can understand if they let themselves drift. She also publicly positions herself against sexism, discrimination and racism, as she wants to help shape the scene into a more inclusive space. ÜBERKIKZ does this by actively supporting FLINTA* artists to encourage them to take space in a male-dominated scene.


Co-Founder of the label Autonome Records and founder of Drawner Records, Berlin based Arkan creates a type of Utopia through his music where everyone feels free, safe and aware of what he’s feeling.

Through permanent questioning of his surroundings and a cycling energy, the artist is offering a variety of sounds that can be defined as a harmonic groove research.

Always aiming to educate people, he spreads his love of the present moment through music, the most powerful form of transmission. 

As a musician since a young age, it is within his mind to defend a music full of harmony, minimalism and deepness, to make you feel intense emotions whatever or whoever you are. His ongoing effort led him to various releases on his own imprint as well as a full EP on the highly respected SK_eleven.


Carmen Electro hails from one of the most Northern parts of Europe; the icy country of Finland. She fell in love with techno and the underground when living in London, which later brought her to Berlin, and placed her from the dance floor to behind the decks. Her aries personality drives her to constantly test her limits, and to get competitive with herself all while having a cheeky giggle. Partly due to her excitable personality, Carmen can’t commit to just one format and despite the fact that she’s recently seen playing vinyl-only, she also enjoys playing longer digital sets. When it comes to her selections, the past year has seen her focus on sets that feature elements of late 90s/early 2000s hardgroove as well as modern big room techno with mischievous energy. In the absence of clubs in the past two years, she also took on producing and has been spending time developing her sound which combines ingredients of old-school percussions and moving bass, dub techno, and a hint of rave brought together at around 145bpm.

Carmen Electro

Dasstudach is one of the most successful newcomers in 2021, escalating the new generation of raves with his energizing sets.He knows how to summon the inner demons. At the same time he keeps full control over the crowd and makes the club vibrate. With his excellent skills at the mixing desk with 3 to 4 decks he creates a unique mix of groove, bassline & Schranz.As a resident from the beloved Glanzikultur, Dasstudach was able to develop quickly on his own.He is an exceptional talent who continuously breaks boundaries.


BCCO resident and headliner, Future.666, has been a leading force in stripped down techno for several years now. Inspired by 90’s rave culture, his pushy and punchy sound powers an intense, sweaty and sexy set.


The deadly duo from Hannover, Lyza and Ericson, the Bonnie and Clyde of groovy techno, have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The joint project is the lovechild of the two accomplished artists, focused on fast and driving, uplifting rhythms, using three decks to maximum effect. Both inspired by the groove, the two have had multiple successful releases, showcasing their vision, demonstrating time and time again their credibility for the dancefloor as well as their flaming passion for the craft. Their discography includes releases on labels such as Canticle Rec., Influenced Rec. and even Room Trax, among others, appearing on compilations with Kwartz, Kaiser or Setaoc Mass. Many notable artists such as Rodhad, Rene Wise or Pan Pot have already praised their work, and they will certainly not be the last.


Marcel Fengler has been quoted as „one of the finest techno DJs“ (Resident Advisor), andhas earned international respect for his „well-crafted body of production work“ (FACT) andintroducing his unique and „multi-faceted personality“ (Electronic Beats).

Over the last two decades, Fengler developed a versatile and dynamic style of DJing thatmade him one of the first resident DJs of Berlin’s infamous Berghain / Panorama Bar in 2005.Fengler is capable of changing pace, atmosphere, and energy reacting to the mood on thedance floor: whether industrial-drenched hardness, broken beats, gloomy dubs or melodicand funky grooves – Fengler draws from a varied repertoire. His first singles were releasedon Ostgut Ton and Mote Evolver and his debut album „Fokus“ (2013), in particular, was astatement of intent, full of emotional and unexpected contrasts. To showcase his melodicgroove, beat tracks and his straighter cuts, he founded his imprint Index Marcel Fengler(IMF) in 2011 – a platform that not only continues evolving with his timeless technoapproach but also represents a creative hub to introduce new and young talents as well ashis other alias AZUR started in 2018 and focusing on more melodic soundscapes. As a DJ andproducer, techno is for Marcel an unconditional passion as well as an essential part of hisidentity. He’s not bound to a linear one-dimensional sound, instead he’s constantly seekingfor new ways to express his musical storytelling skills and show his true vision of techno,which makes Marcel Fengler one of today’s most exciting electronic artists.

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Marcel Fengler

Nina Farrina, weaves a tapestry of sound that's as eclectic as it is entrancing. Her sets are characterised by an intense and hypnotic atmosphere, pulsating with high-energy and groovy beats that mesmerise audiences. Nina skilfully blends carefully selected tracks from the 90s and early 2000s, infusing her sets with diverse and powerful grooves that stand out in the current music landscape.

In her performances, joyfulness intertwines with dynamic peaks and valleys, creating an ebbing and flowing soundscape that she describes as a "winding journey." This careful construction of her sets leads to a gradual build-up, captivating listeners with a narrative-like progression.

Nina's overall vibe resonates with honesty and an underground ethos. Her sound is hard and driving, yet filled with love and passion, reflecting her deep commitment to her art. As she puts it, she aims to "suck in the atmosphere" and take her listeners and dancers on a memorable journey. This philosophy has quickly made her a beloved figure among those who seek a truly immersive musical experience.

Nina Farrina

Phil Berg stands for quality. The elusive young DJ and producer takes listeners on a progressive minimalistic techno trip, utilizing groovy modern tracks with funky oldschool cuts in order to build a dramatic curve of tension throughout the night. This is why Phil prefers extended sets, allowing him to meticulously craft the exact atmosphere needed. His mixes dropped for prestigious institutions like Vault Sessions, Rote Sonne in Munich or Orphic are a testament to this. Phil doesn’t release much and is careful where he presents his productions, but the few releases that have reached the masses have carried his name far beyond his native hometown of Mainz. With productions on Hayes, Secession, Schimmer Records, BCCO, SYXT and Frenzy, he already boasts a considerable discography, despite his conservative approach to releasing music. Now a resident for the Berlin collective BCCO and for Schimmer Records in Stuttgart, people around the globe will soon be hearing more from this talented young man.

Phil Berg

The Berlin/Potsdam based notorious Duo SHADYLINES, consisting of DEV and TRIS, are artists and entrepreneurs of many talents. They can be considered a duo of the young, up-and-coming trance and techno scene. Their musical style is infused with sexy and trippy rhythms and fiery melodies. Not only have they repeatedly delivered top notch musical material but also created an inspiring, hot label - EXTRA ENERGY - that has ever since its been brought to life, showcased a wide range of underground gems that created beautiful pieces of art, in particular in the magical dimensions of modern trance and techno music.


TONI BA stands out not only for her dynamically driving underground sound but also for her unique blend of music from the early 2000s with modern tracks from emerging artists.

With a deep love for mixing on three decks, she also excels at seamlessly blending vinyl with digital tracks. Melding groovy and hypnotic beats underscored by a forceful kick, she’s taken her electrifying sets beyond Germany, captivating crowds in global cities like London and Paris.

Venturing into producing, she further amplifies her passion for techno. With every beat, her dedication to the genre resonates, ensuring the dancefloor remains an unstoppable force.


VINVAR is a Georgian artist and co-founder of Berlin queer collective Her vibrant pallete includes fast, groovy and hypnotic techno with shimmers of 90s, acid, trance and tribal sounds.

From her lived experience in Tbilisi underground club culture, VINVAR knows the importance of techno and dancing as an act of rebellion. Her sets bring that sense of freedom, energy and intensity to the dance floor.f



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