ALIS. is Ukrainian-born and Berlin-based DJ She has seen a steady rise with her infectious sets of hard groove, ghetto tech , trance and more which she has brought to dance floors in Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Nantes, Brussels, Barcelona, Tbilisi and beyond. She has shared the booth with some of the brightest stars of today including Paula Temple, Chlär, Stranger, JKS, Metaraph and more and has contributed to RINSE FM program, Brvtal Vision (HÖR), RAW, BCCO , Techno Germany and Voxnox podcast series and continues to evolve her sound and creative output which makes her one of the most electrifying artists to watch right now.


Carmen Electro hails from one of the most Northern parts of Europe; the icy country of Finland. She fell in love with techno and the underground when living in London, which later brought her to Berlin, and placed her from the dance floor to behind the decks. Her aries personality drives her to constantly test her limits, and to get competitive with herself all while having a cheeky giggle. Partly due to her excitable personality, Carmen can’t commit to just one format and despite the fact that she’s recently seen playing vinyl-only, she also enjoys playing longer digital sets. When it comes to her selections, the past year has seen her focus on sets that feature elements of late 90s/early 2000s hardgroove as well as modern big room techno with mischievous energy. In the absence of clubs in the past two years, she also took on producing and has been spending time developing her sound which combines ingredients of old-school percussions and moving bass, dub techno, and a hint of rave brought together at around 145bpm.

Carmen Electro

The future is looking bright, at least if it involves Viktor Keller, aka future.666, tearing updancefloors left and right. His stripped down, tooly and trippy approach has made his name a highlight on any line-up in Berlin, where he is currently based. His pushy sound is pounding and usually powered by three decks he fully employs, delivering all the sounds needed for a sweaty, sexy cave-rave. Inspired by the 90’s as well as rave culture in general, future.666 is well aware of what the past decades of music have to offer and regularly draws from this for inspiration. Yet (as the name would suggest), his gaze is also directed forward, toward what is to come. Engaged with a wide network of up-and-coming collectives and artists, future.666 has placed himself at the forefront of the new techno movement, which advocates for faster, loopier and groovier sounds, harking back to the origins of the genre. To get a taste of the future, catch this wild BCCO resident at one of their infamous benders in Berlin.


The deadly duo from Hannover, Lyza and Ericson, the Bonnie and Clyde of groovy techno, have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The joint project is the lovechild of the two accomplished artists, focused on fast and driving, uplifting rhythms, using three decks to maximum effect. Both inspired by the groove, the two have had multiple successful releases, showcasing their vision, demonstrating time and time again their credibility for the dancefloor as well as their flaming passion for the craft. Their discography includes releases on labels such as Canticle Rec., Influenced Rec. and even Room Trax, among others, appearing on compilations with Kwartz, Kaiser or Setaoc Mass. Many notable artists such as Rodhad, Rene Wise or Pan Pot have already praised their work, and they will certainly not be the last.


Phil Berg stands for quality. The elusive young DJ and producer takes listeners on a progressive minimalistic techno trip, utilizing groovy modern tracks with funky oldschool cuts in order to build a dramatic curve of tension throughout the night. This is why Phil prefers extended sets, allowing him to meticulously craft the exact atmosphere needed. His mixes dropped for prestigious institutions like Vault Sessions, Rote Sonne in Munich or Orphic are a testament to this. Phil doesn’t release much and is careful where he presents his productions, but the few releases that have reached the masses have carried his name far beyond his native hometown of Mainz. With productions on Hayes, Secession, Schimmer Records, BCCO, SYXT and Frenzy, he already boasts a considerable discography, despite his conservative approach to releasing music. Now a resident for the Berlin collective BCCO and for Schimmer Records in Stuttgart, people around the globe will soon be hearing more from this talented young man.


Switzerland‘s finest export, Istanbul born boss babe Pelin Vedis is establishing herself as a staple in the Swiss techno scene for many years. Running a label, organizing events and being a DJ, this power woman has dedicated her life to the scene in every aspect. Her diverse approach to DJ-sets are characterized by a genre-bending mixture of joyful, powerful and energetic grooves that make sure to keep the dance floor alive at every moment. After numerous appearances in Switzerlands most established venues, she already brought her sound to the international stages and the journey has just begun for this promising talent.


The Berlin/Potsdam based notorious Duo SHADYLINES, consisting of DEV and TRIS, are artists and entrepreneurs of many talents. They can be considered a duo of the young, up-and-coming trance and techno scene. Their musical style is infused with sexy and trippy rhythms and fiery melodies. Not only have they repeatedly delivered top notch musical material but also created an inspiring, hot label - EXTRA ENERGY - that has ever since its been brought to life, showcased a wide range of underground gems that created beautiful pieces of art, in particular in the magical dimensions of modern trance and techno music.


TONI BA stands for a melodic, vibrant and dynamic sound, the kind of music that keeps youup at night. Born and raised in Hamburg, TONI relocated to Berlin and soon thereafter foundherself infatuated with the energetic Berlin nightlife. This intense, pulsating energy can beheard in her own rave-focused style, which takes the listener from deep emotional moments toones of pure intensity and euphoria. She has shared the ballot with the likes of Somewhen,Sept and Patrick Mason, and her sound has graced the halls of the Anomalie and Aeden inBerlin as well as Tama (Poznan) and Hala Odra (Stettin) in Poland. Together with her partnerin crime KTK they both founded the project DIIMORPH, bringing together the best of boththeir worlds. For TONI it is not just a job or a “gig”, music is her true passion, an escape fromthe pettiness and mundanity of everyday life and a portal into a world both exciting andenticing. Let her guide you into her world, and you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Since his early childhood Arkan has been questioning things; the mysterious influence music exerts on its listeners, the origin and explanation for this most powerful form of the transmission of emotions. It is an enigma that occupies him until this day and which has kept him hungry, yearning to discover new musical pathways. His almost scientific approach to music making – a sort of harmonic grooves research – has led the young musician towards a sound characterized by its raw and stripped-down minimalism, its uplifting harmonies and its emotional depth. The music of Arkan is beautifully vague, open to interpretation and allows the listener to embark on his own mental journey, wherever it might lead. It is no surprise that his tracks have been well-received, finding their way into podcasts and sets from established artists as well as onto the esteemed SK Eleven label of Setaoc Maas, where Arkan released his own Skalter EP. As co-founder of the label Autonome Records and founder of Drawner Records, Arkan aims to push the sound he has become known for and to further develop these platforms as creative outlets for both himself and other promising artists!


As one of Tel Aviv’s finest techno exports, Biri stands for a trippy, hypnotic and deep sound. From his hometown of Jerusalem to his current base in London, Biri’s career spanning more than 12 years has been a real journey, not only geographically, but also in terms of his musical self-understanding. Starting from the young age of 14, Biri honed his DJing and music productions skills, drawing inspiration from loopy techno and classic Detroit sounds. What followed was the founding of Deep’a and Biri, a successful collaboration between him and his good friend Deep’a that spawned the label Black Crow with releases by notable artists such as Inland and Aril Brikha. The duo also signed a full album for DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records in 2013 with wide acclaim. On his own, Biri has made a name for himself as a resident at Barzilay Crew, one of the biggest techno parties in Tel Aviv, for more than 8 years. With his music appearing on esteemed labels such as Transmat, Black Crow, Counterchange and a recent release on Psyk’s Non Series as well as an upcoming project for Len Faki’s Figure, it is clear that the journey was worth it and that Biri has found his own niche in the scene.


CRYME plays a unique mix of Hardgroove and House. Described by his peers as “a master of groove and rhythm who plays CDJ’s like a musical instrument”, his style fast paced, infectious and ignites the dance floor.In 2022 this Berlin based artist played across Germany and Northern Europe, developing and maturing into his own distinct style - mixing the latest tracks from some of the best new producers with dance floor grooves and house heaven.Expect an uplifting, rhythmic and vocal-intense set. Passion and a lust for happy, love filled dance floors is what drives him.


Dasstudach is one of the most successful newcomers in 2021, escalating the new generation of raves with his energizing sets.He knows how to summon the inner demons. At the same time he keeps full control over the crowd and makes the club vibrate. With his excellent skills at the mixing desk with 3 to 4 decks he creates a unique mix of groove, bassline & Schranz.As a resident from the beloved Glanzikultur, Dasstudach was able to develop quickly on his own.He is an exceptional talent who continuously breaks boundaries.


As the name suggests, this DJ likes it fast. DJ Hyperdrive started out with the locally renowned “purest health” collective in Cologne, yet relocated to Berlin to pursue his own musical vision. It is a vision consisting of fast-paced techno bangers, mixed with driving, deep and funky trance. Though he is constantly evolving, his sound and its influences can be traced back to dry and hard old school trance and the early decades of electronic music. Now a resident at the infamous Crude party series in Berlin, the young DJ has been turning heads and moving bodies across the capital city and beyond with his full-on take on the new trance movement currently sweeping over Europe. Having shared the ballot with major figures in the scene, at prestigious events such as Synoid, Ismus or Bottom Topixx, DJ Hyperdrive has established himself as someone to keep an eye on. Fascinated with a slew of different genres and sub-genres, he playfully combines Trance, Hardtrance, Psytrance and high-speed techno to generate an atmosphere tingling with energy and enriched by psychedelic nuances here and there. His forte lies in expertly combining these seemingly opposed musical directions into a coherent, pleasurable and above all danceable mix. 


If you have been traversing the Berlin underground for some time, chances are you have heard of this guy. Be it behind the decks himself or as the host in the background, Frederic. has been both organizing parties and lighting up the booth for quite some time now. Despite his young age, he has reached a maturity in sound with his rave-oriented style of razor-sharp techno, mixed to perfection, that has caught the eyes and ears of many ravers in his native hometown of Berlin and beyond. Both hard and groovy, his sets will make you clench your teeth but smile at the same time, all while shaking those hips. With his esteemed event series [Selected], Frederic. has been throwing wild raves. The young DJ and producer has made some impressive strides in the past year, playing gigs abroad and teaming up with his good friend Chläer for epic b2b sessions at Berlin’s own HÖR radio show. Furthermore, the [Selected] series has been expanded into a label, with promising young talent showing off their production skills, pushing the sound that made the parties such a success. There is no stopping this man, so get ready to dance! 


Growing up in Tel-Aviv, Kashpitzky was etching out his musical path as a guitar player in a metal-core band. At some point though, he traded amplifiers for drum machines and really turned on the heat. His involvement in “V-DOOY”, hosting illegal raves in Tell Aviv between 2016-2018 allowed him to dedicate himself to finding his own sound, while his three-year residency at the Bootleg Club secured him gigs in the biggest venues the city has to offer, from the Block to the Alphabet Club and the Breakfast Club. In order to complete a formal musical education in sound design, Kash relocated to Berlin and graduated from the SAE Institute. He is one of those DJs who you can’t clearly pigeonholed in terms of sound. Always changing, always banging, he has a track for every occasion, letting even extended sets never get boring. His unique definition of techno is perhaps best exemplified in his energetic, deep but yet groovy productions, often combining broken beats with organic textures. In this regard, it is worth noting his release on Shlomi Aber’s Be As One imprint, as well as his contribution track to a various artists compilation of Volster’s Secession label. His tracks are often supported by heavyweights such as DVS1, Ben Ufo or Marron and Triangle Agency recently invited him to one of their Hör showcases in Berlin. With releases coming up on Insolate’s Out of Place (including a Tensal remix), Developer’s Olympian and a return to the Be As One imprint with a solo EP in 2022, the future looks busy and bright for this promising artist!


Ogtrues has impressed crowds and the techno scene alike time and time again with his groove-infused sound, combining rolling, hypnotic, melodic and old-school elements into one. His fairly young career has already seen him play various establishments in Berlin, but also in Poland and Amsterdam. What really makes him stand out though is his OG mentality of authenticity and realness. While having released on various labels, his own productions can mainly be found on his own bandcamp. He is inspired by his power to inspire others and driven by a desire to push forward the music he loves, as well as the scene he calls his home


RÆZA’s fascination for electronic music emerged in 2018, yet he has always lived in the world of music since his early childhood. Born in Madagascar and raised in France, RÆZA’s earliest influence was that of his Malagasy origins. This changed at some point when he left his traditional musical background for unchartered, exciting new territory. Not soon after he made his Austrian debut, co-founding his own collective “Klangangriff” with friends of his from all over Europe. Then in late 2020, he joined the Dresden based Queer Collective Rawmantique, with which RÆZA had at this point already collaborated on projects like the queer audiovisual experience Haus of Raw as well as some Hör showcases and club gigs. Apart from that, he has already performed in every major city in Europe. RÆZA prefers techno, and the techno he prefers is fast, textured and sexual. For him music is a powerful vector and he deliberately harnesses this power to create a mood on the dancefloor, be it emotional, sensual or downright erotic. Most important to him though is the exchange of energy between the DJ and the crowd, the delicate dialogue that makes every set of his something special.


Few artists have experienced a meteoric ascent similar to Laure Croft. The now Berlin-based dutchie has only been performing for a little over a year and has already won the hearts of many through a top-notch selection of pumping, tooly tracks, a focus on quality old-school vinyl and a style that turns heads. She settled into what she feels to be her true musical home; the underground (queer) techno scene. Her musical philosophy is both pragmatic and beautifully simple; it has to keep you going!Laure advocates for more inclusive lineups in all regards, so that great talent can also be seen and especially heard. For Laure empathy is key, but also remember to always keep it sexy. No matter where you see her play, you can count on Laure Croft bringing the heat!
Residencies: BCCO Berlin and De Reünie Amsterdam
Signed with: Distinkt Agency


This one is as real as they get. Few can carry the name of disc jockey with such pride andconfidence as Slin, who lives and breathes vinyl culture. If this talented 21-year old Frankfurtbased DJ isn’t on the road playing gigs, he spends his time sifting through record shops, old djcollections or the internet in order to uncover lost gems or forgotten classics. Besides growinghis already impressive record collection, Slin sports three deck vinyl mixes that continue toimpress in terms of technicality and musicality. His attitude towards DJing in general issportive and ambitious; the intense preparation that goes into every one of his sets translatesinto an infectious performance in the booth, always in the mix working the wax. His sets relyon a raw, rough and honest groove as well as nonlinear storytelling and are always a pleasureto dance to. His love for both old and new records allows him to demonstrate the breadth ofhis musical knowledge, engaging also the more experienced listeners. His approach hasearned him shows at Gotec Karlsruhe, Amp Münster and Forum Bielefeld alongsideestablished artists like Rene Wise, Marron, Arkan and counting. Expect the unexpected, Slinis always looking for new material and always has a surprise up his sleeve!



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